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March/April 2013 Edition

HOUSEKEEPING (IMPORTANT!): Best practices to keep your systems running smoothly, and to avoid service calls and disruptions.
1.  A neat, clean, and organized NOC (Network Operating Center) or MDF (Main Distribution Frame) is an efficient NOC/MDF.  This ensures easier moves, adds, and changes while simplifying any troubleshooting efforts should they arise.
2.  Equipment must be kept clean of dust and debris, and should be checked at a minimum of twice a year.  The system(s) can be easily cleaned with compressed air and should not require any down time in most cases.  Dust and debris may cause overheating and damage station cards, causing system failure. 
3.  Do NOT share A/C power with any other appliances/devices.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: NOC and MDF equipment cabinet locations should not be used as storage rooms. A lack of air flow, excessive heat, or obstruction of air flow due to the phone room/closet being utilized as storage can impact the life of your system. It can cause damage to power supplies, station and line PCB cards resulting in service calls and equipment replacement and/or failure. 

   911: We make it our policy to test 911 access at system installation and cut over. However, over time 911 is only used in actual emergencies. It is good practice to test your 911 access at regular intervals.  We like to encourage our customers to test 911 every month to ensure proper operation in the event of an actual emergency.
Don't be afraid to dial 911 to test your emergency access. The important thing to remember is to wait until the dispatcher answers. Simply state immediately “this is not an emergency”, who you are, and what organization you are from. Ask them to verify that they are receiving your correct information - specifically your ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.
More frequently than we would like, we receive calls saying, “Help! our 911 is not working.”  The majority of the time when we find a problem it is network related or the dedicated 911 trunk(s)/line(s) were dead or had been disconnected/canceled.

SYSTEM BACK UP: It is a good practice to back up your phone and voice mail systems once a month, and/or after programming changes have been made. Our technicians perform a back up after any major move, add, or change of your equipment we provide. This will save time and money if you should have a system failure, labor hours when migrating or upgrading your equipment to a new processor or software release. Contact our Service Dept. regarding backing up your voice mail system (prices vary depending on the model and release level).

BATTERY BACK UP: Test your Battery Back Up! We are headed into the Spring storm season with the possibility of power losses, so be sure your BBU is alive and well to keep your system up and running during an outage. It is good practice to check once a month for any device that provides protection or battery backup of your systems: BBU, Surge Protectors, or UPS. Just like any device requiring or relying on batteries, they have a finite life cycle. We like to ensure a 3-5 year life span for your battery back up at installation. If you are unsure of the age, failure status or need assistance testing your BBU, contact our Service Dept. or Sales for a quote on a new or replacement battery back up.     









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